How to Choose the right Speed?

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Guidelines for you

Access the Internet requires you’ll need a connection, but Internet connections vary by speed. Some Internet service providers provide one speed package; others provider multiple speeds packages to choose from. If you choose the right speed for your needs, you’ll probably enjoy your online browsing & Downloading more than if you select the wrong speed. Fortunately, you can simply follow a few simple guidelines to select the right Internet connection speed.

1. Know your Choices

For instance, VSAT Internet packages come in a variety of speeds ranging from 128Kbps up to 25Mbps. One thousand kilobytes equals 1 megabyte (MB), and a typical digital song file usually equals about 3 to 5 MB. Downloading common music files takes a long time slower speed, probably more than two minutes. Broadband KA-Band Service connections operate much faster. They allow speeds ranging from 5Mbps) to 22Mbps. and they use smaller and cheaper hardware.

Always try to choose the lowest possible VSAT package. Its better to upgrade when really needed than pay for speed you donlt use most of the time. Lefting the load off your monthly budget will secure a stable reliable VSAT service (even if it is slow) and will make sure you pay your service package each month in ease and in time.

2. What do you use the Internet for?

For instance, if you use the Internet primarily for browsing, a 512Kbps or 1Mbps connection will suffice. If you use the Internet for VoIP or Video plus browsing you’ll need higher download/upload speeds between 2Mbps to 4Mbps. Just imagine how much speed you would require if you have many users needs to connect to the internet at the same moment and everyone of them is doing different task, how much speed you’de require?  

3. Select the right Satellite Band

While KA-Band is the most economical choice for most of the users due to the low cost, small antenna VSAT hardware, cheap packages, and the higher sppeds in Download/Upload it offers, the KU-Band comes as a great choice when KA-Band coverage is not available in your area. KU-Band VSAT hardware is affordable and have a wide range of speed packages as well but with wider coverage suitable for Fixed, Maritime, and Airborne applications. C-Band as well strongly presence when rain-fade or desert storms are often occured while its hardware is more expensive but much stable.

4. Know your GPS Location

Knowing your GPS location gives you a great tool to choose the best satllite for your service. If you choose a satellite that is fairly covering your location, you might need bigger antenna, high power BUC, or maybe charged more for the same package that you pay normally when you have stronger RX signal. All these factors will increase your cost. So if you donlt know which satellite coverage is better and cheaper for you, pelase contact our support and they will help you choose the right satellite coverage for you depending on your location againest the right satellite to use.