Limited Broadband

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Limited Broadband

The “Limited Broadband” is available on some KA, KU, and C-Band satellite coverages. It is useful to understand the following facts before proceeding to the packages:


Please check our “Satellite Coverage” first before proceeding to the service packages. Some VSAT Services have Worldwide limited availability due to Satellite coverages like KA-Band! therefore, to avoid any disappointment, make sure that the service you desire is available at your country / city and your GPS location is fairly covered by the satellite beam


All of the “Limited Broadband” Services speeds are higher than 1Mbps for Up-to 25Mbps. Also, the sharing ratio is less for better performance. All the “Limited Broadband” services can be topped-up with more GB’s data allowance to assure the highest performance and speed when needed

Check Satellite Coverage


Different Satellites with different frequencies means verity of cost for VSAT hardware. Of course, bigger antenna’s, high power BUC’s, and sophisticated VSAT modems will cost more than a standard KA-Band kit. So it’s useful & recommended to contact us if you feel lost or in need of an advise, we are always at your side and happy to assist you


Its highly recommended to check the legality of using VSAT “Satellite Services” in your country / city before start to using it. Some countries allow using of VSAT for everyone, some don’t allow using VSAT for anyone, and some requires special licenses / permissions which might cost you some more money and / or take long time than expected

I Understand, Proceed to Packages!