Maritime VSAT Services

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The “Maritime VSAT Services” are available on all KA and KU-Band satellite coverages. It is useful to understand the following facts before proceeding to the prices:


Please check our “Satellite Coverage” first before proceeding to the service packages. Some VSAT Services have Worldwide limited availability due to Satellite coverages like KA-Band! therefore, to avoid any disappointment, make sure that the service you desire is available where your vessel / vessel fleet are looking to crouse and make sure that this part of the river / sea / ocean location is fairly covered by the satellite beam


Both Broadband (Limited & Unlimited) and Dedicated Bandwidth are available to operate on any Maritime VSAT antenna system, but speeds can vary depending on the frequency you use (KA or KU-band) or depending on your chosen package. Also the upload speed can be different among the same package depending on the power of your chosen BUC and the location of the vessel in the coverage area during cruising. Upgrade or Downgrade your speed or Migrate to another package is always available/allowed if contract terms and conditions are met and availability of the new required speed/package is possible



We mainly use EPAK Maritime VSAT superior systems. It comes in Different categories from 0.6M to 1.3M to meet all kind of calm or open water usage. But mainly KA-Band Maritime antennas sizes around 0.9M, and KU-Band can go up-to 1.3M in size. Of course, using high power BUC’s can cost more money in KU-Band, but KA-Band can give you a peace of mind with standard BUC (if your vessel operation area is covered with KA-Band). So it’s useful & recommended to contact us if you feel lost or in need of an advise, we are always at your side and happy to assist you


Its highly recommended to check the legality of using VSAT “Satellite Services” in your country / city / ports of operation, before start to using it. Some countries allow using of VSAT for everyone, some don’t allow using VSAT for anyone, and some requires special licenses / permissions which might cost you some more money and / or take long time than expected. Just know that some countries also confiscate Maritime VSAT systems if they are not holding a proper VSAT license to be used in their waters