Satellite Tracking Services

We are everywhere!



The “Satellite Tracking Services” are available Worldwide using Orbcomm and/or Inmarsat satellite coverages. It is useful to understand the following facts before proceeding to the prices:


Our Satellite Tracking Services are available Worldwide! We also offer a GSM/SAT devices that can provide a seamless tracking possibility using normal GSM networks and ONLY use the Satellite when the GSM network either week or not available. We offer a Worldwide GSM roaming flat-rate data plan to make sure this happen smoothly with the lowest cost possible


Our Tracking service packages are totally tailored to each of our customer’s needs. Even if you feel confident enough to order a specific service we highly recommend contacting us first an advise before ordering to avoid any misunderstanding/misreading to the pricing table which might lead you to pay extra monthly cost than you need, or get less service level than your fleet require for smooth operation and control. We are always at your side and happy to assist you. Data usage can vary depending on the frequency you need the data to flow from the device to you/your application, therefore analyzing the required details and frequency of receiving them from the beginning will save your time and money. Upgrade or Downgrade your data plan or Migrate to another plan is always allowed if contract terms and conditions are met and availability of the new required data plan is possible



We mainly use Skywave/Orbcomm/Inmarsat Tracking devices. These devices offer peace of mind performance and total compatibility. It comes in different categories to meet every telemetry, tracking application, vehicle, or vessel and all kind of harsh environments. With a set of extra accessories that might be needed like external antennas, external sensors, etc. it gives deep strong confident in our tracking services. However, it’s useful & recommended to contact us if you feel lost or in need of an advise, we are always at your side and happy to assist you


Its highly recommended to check the legality of using GSM/SAT tracking Services in your country / city / ports of operation/fleet footprint of operation, before start to using it. Some countries allow using it for everyone, some don’t allow it at all, and some requires special licenses / permissions which might cost you some more money and / or take long time than expected. Just know that some countries also confiscate Satellite Tracking systems if they are not holding a proper license to be used in their territories