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Our services fit every kind of business customer needs. The diversity of satellite services we offer services makes it easy for you to choose from. However, you are always welcome to contact us for any “Specially Tailored Satellite service” that you desire. Different services are available depending on your contract period and terms & conditions of service that applied on the date of your subscription.

Limited Broadband VSAT Service

This is the most selling service. Affordable prices packages with Limited GB’s and extream performance to meet your emergency backup…

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Unlimited Boradband VSAT Service

This is the ultimate solution when no ADSL available or not reliable in your area…

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Dedicated VSAT Bandwidth

This is what exactly your business needs when you are looking for a high traffic link to serve your network demand for bandwidth…

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Special Satellite Services for ISP’s and Telco’s

Specially tailored satellite services for ISP,Telco’s, and Mobile Operators. VNO, CNO for system integrators and service providers.

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Maritime VSAT services

Providing Maritime VSAT and TVRO services for vessels is always our passion. Great packages combined with superior Maritime VSAT hardware that’s what makes our service unique…

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Satellite Tracking Services

Take total control of your fleet. Whatever you do, wherever you operate, our services cover you. Be always aware of everything happen to your valuable vehicles or vessels ACT NOW! 

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