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Trailers, Dry Van, Chassis Tracking Systems

Fleet owners today need complete visibility of their trailers to maximize utilization, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability..

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Intermodal Containers, Cargo Security Tracking Systems

Deployed on more than 300,000 containers worldwide, it helps shipping lines, intermodal operators, cargo owners..

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Cold Chain Tracking Systems

Optimized to work with ORBCOMM’s Euroscan-branded temperature recorders and modules, Backed-up with a powerful web application enabling real-time monitoring..

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Heavy Equipment Tracking Systems

Orbcomm is the industry-leading construction telematics solution, powered by rugged devices and multi-network connectivity for seamless control..

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Maritime Tracking Systems

Orbcomm’s solutions minimize cargo damage, reduce vessel operating costs and enhance crew efficiency..

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In-Cab, Driver Safety & Monitoring Tracking Systems

Orbcomm’s solutions provide seamless connectivity for fleet management for vehicles..

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General, Multi-Purpose Tracking Systems

Providing Verity of tracking connectivity solutions for moving vehicles, vessels, and telemetric data..  

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Satellite Tracking System Modems for OEM System Integrators

Satellite Tracking modules that integrate with OEM devices manufacturers..

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Tracking Systems Sensors & Antennas

ORBCOMM offers a variety of high-performance sensors and antennas to help you improve asset management, message reliability, safety and security, and operational efficiency..

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Personal Tracking Systems

Smart GPS tracker for personal and business use. It keeps you connected to the people and things that matter to you most directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer..

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Wi-Fi Tracking Systems

Intelligent engineering of WiFi sensing and WiFi wave-reflection data analyzing t o provide a wide range of users full information of moving personnel, objects, etc..

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